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Operational Note

Enhancing the Role and Impact of Gender Equality in the ACP-MEAs III project

Launched on 8th March 2021 to commemorate the International Women’s Day, this Note is intended to provide guidance to project partners and their collaborators on using specific gender considerations within the objectives and provisions of the ACP MEAs 3 project.

Capacity building for Clean development
mechanism – Botswana pamphlet


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Issues of Compliance:
Considerations for the International
Regime on Access and Benefit Sharing

DELC embarked on developing this paper to help negotiators working on finalizing the IR-ABS understand different dimensions of
compliance issues and assess the experience of different MEAs in dealing with compliance.

Year: 2009
Pages: 45
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Green Breakthroughs Solving Environmental Problems Through Innovative Policies and Law

This booklet offers a brief outline of the some of the policy initiatives and their implementing
mechanisms that have been taken recently by leaders and policy-makers in both developed and developing countries to address several major global environmental challenges.

Year: 2008
Pages: 138
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Compliance Mechanisms Under Selected Multilateral Environmental Agreements

This report seeks to perform a comparative analysis of compliance mechanisms under selected Multilateral Environmantal Agreements (MEAs).

Year: 2006
Pages: 144
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Glossary of Terms For Negotiators of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

This glossary of terms and acronyms aims to provide a support tool not only for those that are frequently engaged in negotiations under various MEAs, but also for those involved in the daily implementation of such agreements and related decisions.

Year: 2007
Pages: 109
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Guide For Negotiators of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

MEAs are a subset of the universe of international agreements.What distinguishes them from other agreements is their focus on environmental isues, their creation of binding International law, and there inclusion of multiple countries.

Year: 2007
Pages: 109
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MEAs Negotiator's Handbook

This handbook has been prepared as a solid introduction to negotiating or working on MEAs for those with little or no background, as well as a key reference tool for experienced negotiations.

Year: 2006
Pages: 800
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Negotiating and Implementing MEAs: A Manual for NGOs

This manual distills the knowledge of many leading NGO experts with a wealth of experience in high level negotiations. It identifies some of the key skills that could prove necessary to those who would consider being environmental lobbysits.

Year: 2007
Pages: 200
Download English PDF (1007KB)