Ensuring that youth and journalists are capacitated and empowered to understand and follow up on the discussions during CBD COP 15, the ACP MEAs 3 programme supported the participation of 6 youth delegates and 6 journalists during the meeting in Montreal. The participants actively engaged with several events related to ACP MEAs 3. The ACP youth representatives attended, held, and facilitated many COP15 side events, including the Pacific Ocean Conservation and Governance Side Event and the GBF implementation kick-off event, where they presented the flagship project #FasoBiodivConservHub. Some of them also participated in the Great March for the Living during COP15, that brought together and mobilized more than 80 organizations for the protection of biodiversity to pressure governments to adopt concrete and ambitious measures. The key messages focused on rights and equity in the GBF, and the involvement of IPLCs. During one of the ACP MEAs side events, ACP youth representative Bonita Bernard stressed that youth are not only the future but also the current drivers of change, and an integral part of successful GBF implementation.

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