Where We Work

The ACP MEAs programme works with 79 member states of Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific regions. In support of South-South Cooperation, the Programme also supports activities in other regions as well.


Covering 49 countries in Africa, the ACP MEAs 3 programme works in the region through the African Union Commission (AUC) with its headquarters in Addis Ababa. In addition, the programme partners with two Regional Seas conventions – Abidjan Convention and Nairobi Convention.


Delivering through the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, the programme supports 16 countries from the Caribbean region, including several Small island Developing States (SIDS). The CARICOM Secretariat in turn partners with several national and regional entities and governments in the region for effective delivery of the programme. The programme also partners with the Cartagena Convention.


Covering 15 countries in the Pacific region, the programme is implemented through the Secretariat of Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the UNEP sub-regional office for the Pacific region. Through SPREP, the programme has an outreach to several stakeholder groups in the region besides working closely with a number of regional programmes. The Secretariat of the Noumea Convention also serves as a partner to the programme.

Other Regions

Given the nature of activities undertaken through the ACP MEAs 3 Programme, reach out to other countries and stakeholder groups outside the ACP region also is envisaged. Activities such as negotiation training, sharing of expertise and experiences from the ACP region, supporting cross-regional exchange of ideas form core of such activities.

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