Environmental Governance

Using the three specific objectives focusing on issues of support to MEAs, ocean governance and agriculture, the ACP MEAs 3 programme supports strengthening environmental issues at both institutional and individual levels. Activities such as negotiation trainings, capacity building activities for a number of stakeholder groups such as women, youth, media and journalists, parliamentarians on issues of better management of environment, policy making and implementation for the core of actions in support of this focal area. 

Support to MEAs

The programme supports ACP member states to effectively comply with and implement a number of MEAs belonging to biodiversity and chemicals, waste cluster. Such support includes effective integration of environmental concerns into national policies and laws, mainstreaming environmental issues into SDGs, development of national and regional positions and inputs into MEA processes, strengthening implementation actions with diverse stakeholder groups, awareness raising, undertaking assessments and sharing of experiences form some of the key areas of support. 

Ocean Governance

Focusing on issues of resource management, safeguarding ocean environments and strengthening regional seas conventions receive support through the ACP MEAs 3 programme.



Implemented by FAO, a number of activities focus on national, regional and global capacity building to adopt ecosystem-based practices in agriculture that are essential for halting the loss of biodiversity and achieving resilient societies, food security and nutrition.




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